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      MSM (methyl-sufonyl-methane), a stable metabolite of DMSO, is a special biological sulfur found in all plants, soils, fruits, vegetables, fish, poultry, eggs, meats and milk. It is organic sulfur, a naturally occurring compound in the human body. In the purified form that we sell, it is an odorless white crystal with a slightly bitter taste.

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      Unknown to most of us, sulfur is one of the five basic elements of life. Sulfur is an indispensable component in human nutrition. It's found in every cell in the body, and is structurally and functionally important to 150 compounds, including hormones, enzymes, antibodies and antioxidants. Sulfur itself is held mainly in the muscles, skin, bones, nails and hair. MSM provides the essential sulfur necessary for a number of body compounds.

     Sulfur is an essential component of various compounds and processes in the body, and is necessary for the synthesis of collagen, immunoglobulin and enzymes. In the body, sulfur:

* Maintains cell membrane flexibility and permeability, promoting an efficient exchange of nutrients and waste products.

* Ensures connective tissue health and the formation of collagen.

* Provides the body with raw materials needed to create new cells, to repair and replace damaged tissues and organs.

* Figures into energy production, as a component of insulin and a prerequisite for normal carbohydrate metabolism.

* Is essential in maintaining the body's crucial acid/alkaline (pH) balance.

* Is an activator of thiamine, vitamin C, biotin and pantothenic acid.
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      MSM is an extraordinary dietary supplement that is amazing researchers and users alike because of its remarkable benefits for a huge range of health problems including: arthritis, allergies, gastrointestinal problems, PMS, acne, lung problems, muscle pain, parasites, cancer, heartburn, constipation...and the list goes on.

      MSM is an especially versatile supplement, and has been used for a variety of applications, such as: anti-inflammatory effects and to reduce acidity in the body, treat gastrointestinal disorders and constipation, increase circulation and promote connective tissue health. Newer uses include treatment for lupus, snoring, breast cancer, colon cancer, parasites, diabetes, eye health, stress and mental disorders.

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      Because of its non-toxic nature, MSM is non-allergenic and does not interfere with any other types of pharmaceutical medicines or supplements. Daily doses are normally 1/2 teaspoon, to 1 1/2 teaspoons twice per day, up to 6 teaspoons daily.
(1 level teaspoon = about 4 grams or 4000 mg)


      MSM is considered very safe. Toxicity is extremely rare: the lethal dose of MSM in mice was found to be more than 20 grams per kilogram of body weight. No toxic effects were shown in humans given up to one gram per kilogram of body weight per day for 30 days. (Few long term studies have been done). One unpublished study found no side effects or measurable toxicity in volunteers using MSM during a six month period. There is not a standard recommendation, but some guidelines suggest between 500mg and 5 grams per day for maintenance purposes. Based on studies, the suggested therapeutic dosage of MSM ranges from two grams to 10 grams per day.

      Among MSM suppliers, Gerald Schmoling, D.V.M., president of Vitality Health Systems in Tampa, FL., said he takes about three grams per day; George Bergstrom, president of Cardinal Associates, takes about 5 grams per day. Joseph Christy, managing director of TriMedica in Scottsdale, AZ., reports taking up to 10 grams per day.

      It's thought that people with allergies and sinus problems need consistently higher doses, around the level of more than five grams per day.

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